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We offer all your business services under one roof. Consulting, strategic planning, financing, marketing, real estate, wellness programs and so much more.



Our vintage looking offices are equipped with the latest technologies and come in all sizes, small, medium, large, extra-large, communicating offices, all ranging up to 3,500 sq. ft. We also have conference rooms and meeting rooms. Our clients have access to a snack bar and a cafeteria. A secretary and an administrative assistant are available to organize all your needs. Our business center is safe, equipped with access control and with the latest technologies.

We have everything you need to run your business.


Our coworking space is modern, spacious and very welcoming, We have window desks, spacious desks, conference rooms, meeting rooms, phone rooms, a selfie wall, a wall of fame, lounge areas, cafeteria, snack bar, photocopier and a secretary or an administrative assistant to organize all your needs.


At Montreal Workspace we understood that in order for a business center to be complete we needed to offer you any and all the business services entrepreneurs need to run their business. This is why we teamed up with some excellent service providers and made sure they’re accessible to our clients 24/7. All our business services can also be oered atyour place of business.

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Telephone: +1 (514) 543-5435

e-mail: info@montrealworkspace.com

Address: 8694 St-Denis St, Montreal Quebec H2P 2H3